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Minako Handheld UV Sterilizer

Minako Handheld UV Sterilizer

RM 428.00


1. Unlike other UV handheld sterilizers which use normal batteries, Minako uses lithium batteries. This means your device lasts longer and can work for 7 hours after it’s been fully charged.

2. It’s easy to see - Minako boasts a sleek and stylish design that fits well into your pocket or handbag. It’s made to be carried around anywhere with ease!

3. Compared to other products out there which only offers 1 month warranty, Minako offers a (1) year warranty period for the device and (2) years warranty for the UV light beads. You can rest easy that your device will last and work effectively!

4. Minako uses UVC LED lamp beads with 99.999% sterilization rate in killing germs in 10 seconds.

5. Minako is proudly made in Malaysia! Quality assured stocks are available for immediate purchase and fast shipping provided.

6. Minako comes with an intelligent LCD screen that counts you down the sterilization process.

7. The Minako device also comes with a smart child lock button at the bottom which prevents your child from accidentally turning it on. This device is only meant to be handled by adults as UV light can be harmful when in contact with skin.

Aim the UV lamp bead at the object to be sterilized, keeping a distance of 3-5 cm for 5 -10 seconds on an object.

Color - White
Lifespan - 3000 hours 
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