Arc Bag : The MUST HAVE Bag of the Season!

Arc Bag : The MUST HAVE Bag of the Season!

The 90’s culture has been a  world trend for quite some time now and we believe that it’s going really well. One of the most searched upgrade from the 90’s era is the woven purse. The woven purse trend was re-invented by Jasmin Larian, the creator of an American based brand called “Cult Gaia”. The LA based designer mom had started out her brand since 2012. One of her famous accessories besides the Arc bag, is the flower crown, which also sprung into trend around that time. Gaia’s Arc Bag rings under $100, these Japanese-style bamboo bags are just one of many other unique designs from this whimsical brand, which has a drool-worthy Instagram to boot.

In addition, in a sunny place like Malaysia, there wouldn’t be any reason NOT to have this bag! With this bag’s recognizable half-moon shape, graphic design, and rigid structure, you’ll sure be the talk of the town. This bag is not only interesting and fashion forward, it’s minimalist and statement-making, thus oddly versatile, and of course, timeless.

Fortunately, Glampot has this bad girls in store! We are able to get Instagram’s most wanted creative bamboo arc bags! We gave it a test drive too! This design comes in Small and Large, and both of them can fit your daily essentials without worrying that it wouldn’t fit, and since the colours used are classic and timeless, these bags will go with anything you wear, and you can match them with your style any time of the day! Perfect for a morning stroll in the traditional markets of Malaysia, or to a romantic dinner date with your hubby.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now @glampotmy! :) 


 Editor: AJ


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