How To Pick The Right Handbag For YOUR Lifestyle

How To Pick The Right Handbag For YOUR Lifestyle

Everybody knows that a handbag is an accessory that compliments a person’s clothing selection as well as personality. They come in all varieties of shapes and sizes, some made out of leather, some nylon, or other widely used fabrics. Some are affordable and some are a little more expensive, but what they all have in common is regardless of their retail value, each serves its own purpose of carrying a person’s personal belongings. The question is, which handbag suits MY lifestyle?

Of course, there are factors that should be considered when a person is getting a new handbag, foremost, he/she has to think about their lifestyle needs in order to find the perfect fit. So here are a few tips from us for YOU so you wouldn’t have trouble the next time you’re thinking about getting a new bag!


The most ladylike of all bags, quite versatile too, given the different carrying options, is the top-handle satchel bag. It’s the perfect choice for girls who don’t have time to change her bag often, as it seamlessly transitions from day to night or work week to weekends.


If you want something affordable, 

The Michael Kors Small Black Ava Satchel would be your best friend! (And... We have a similar MK Ava Satchel on our website too)

If you're looking for something more luxurious,

Nothing beats the Gucci Mini Marmont Top Handle in Pink


If you’re the type of person who only needs a few essentials in your bag to get through the day, then we’d recommend you a clutch. There wouldn’t be a day when your shoulders ache from bringing those heavy bags around because a clutch is as light as a feather (in a sense)!


If you're looking for something affordable yet stylish,

Marc Jacobs' Yellow Karlie Clutch can bring your sunny personality to life !

If you're going for something classy,

This beautiful Chanel Boy Clutch will have your coworkers and boss drooling! (Psst.. We have this item on our website!)



Cute and just like magic, the bucket bag is PERFECT for YOU who has tons of stuff to tote around but doesn’t want anyone to know it! These kinds of bags are quite deceptive to the eye! Besides of its trendy style, its room can bear with your extra energy bar or two.


If you're in the mood for cheap and trendy, 

This ZARA Brown Bucket Bag can go with absolutely anything! 

If you're in the mood for classic but extravagant, 

Alexander McQueen's Studded Bucket Bag will literally give you the fashion statement you deserve ! (Guess what? We have this bag on our site too!!!)


It would be quite a work for you ladies if you hold bag on one hand, phone on the other, then to add it all up, your coffee and bagel! That’s what a cross-body bag is definitely for! Besides keeping your hands free, or, occupied with other things, this bag will ensure your belongings are secure since it does stick closer to your body than the others.


If you're looking for something for all occasions but affordable,

The new Coach with Dinky and Rivets is a must! (Comes in Mustard, Pink, Black)

If you're looking for luxe and up to trend, 

The Classic Red Balenciaga City SHW would be your go to friend (This is one of the most searched bags at the moment, and lucky for you, we have it too!)


If you’re one of those hip and trendy gals who loved versatility while looking young, fresh, and modern at the same time, then a backpack is our best suggestion for you! These days, not only schoolgirls can rock an awesome backpack, you can too! Especially the luxe and leather styles!


For you who LOVES an affordable furry friend,

Stradivarius's Furry Backpack would be perfect and stylish too

For you who's cray for something different and top notch,

This MCM mini backpack in white can be a head-turner! (YES, We have this on our site!)


Tote bags have been a support system for all of us who just love to throw everything in our bags and go! This type of bag is also ideal for traveling, as it will fit our gadgets, magazines, cardigans, a little snack here and there! Extra tip : if you prefer a day-to-night bag, a tote bag might not be the best choice but we do think everyone NEEDS one in their collection for work and leisure!


For the colourful on a budget,

Longchamp Le Pliage Neo in Orange can give you justice! (This beauty is available in our site too!)

For the luxury classics lover,

You can NEVER go wrong with Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene Tote!


At the end of the day, we do recommend you find a bag that definitely suits your personal style! And if you still don’t know which bag to get, we suggest you on getting a versatile handbag that can accompany you on several occasions or errands, such as a multi-pocket travel-side handbag, or a tote! The secret is to find a bag that can be wearable for many years to come. Also, choose a bag with classic colors if you’ve just started your collection, such as black, brown, or neutral shades, or even METALLICS (if you want to go bold), which usually go with just about everything in our wardrobe!

Editor : AJ


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