Everything you would like to know about the Hermes Kelly Bag!

Everything you would like to know about the Hermes Kelly Bag!
Hermès is easily of the most elite brands in the world since its development in 1837 and today, the brand is known for specialization in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, as well as luxury goods—most notably, the Birkin and Kelly handbags in a wide range of stunning designs and made with expensive materials. The company does not use assembly lines, only one craftsperson may work on one handbag at a time, hand-stitching each individual piece. The construction of each Kelly bag, for example, requires 18 hours of work by a single artisan. Hermès’ leathers include those of alligator from Florida, buffalo from Pakistan, crocodile from Australia, shark from Thailand, lizard from Malaysia, and oxen, deer, calf, goat, and ostrich from all over the world. When Hermès leather goods require repair, owners are encouraged to bring the item back to any Hermès store where it can be shipped to the factory near Paris for repair or reconditioning.
The Hermès Kelly bag's are beautifully crafted pieces of art, but not everyone knows the story behind the bag and how it made into the fashion statement that it is today.


It was revealed in an interview with Pierre Grosperrin, an artisan working at Hermès for the past 14 years that the handle of the Hermes Kelly bag is the hardest to make. Each Kelly Bag takes up to 18 -20 hours to make, with every texture and detail in place, it takes four hours to craft and perfect the handle only.

It all happened in 1996 when Grace Kelly who had then become the new Princess of Monaco, was pregnant and was trying to avoid the press finding out about her baby bump and used her Kelly bag to hide which then gave it an extreme amount publicity and even made it on the cover of Life Magazine. In 1997, the bag was renamed after her. 
The Kelly Bag comes in different shapes, as shown in the photo below. 
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Among the many unique features of Hermès bags is the hardware. These include the lock, keys, buckle hardware, and base studs, each of which is finely crafted along with the leather, stitching, lining, and interior of the bag.

Metallic Hardware - The metallic hardware on Kelly bags generally feature one of two finishes – gold plated or palladium finish. However, there are also rare finishes applied to custom bags and unique designs including 24K plated gold, silver palladium, ruthenium, burnished, and guilloche (diamond cut pattern HW palladium). The high quality of these metals resist tarnishing and corrosion, helping the bag maintain its perfect appearance for as long as possible.

The studs on the bag are designed to protect the soft and supple leather from damaging when the bag comes in contact with various surfaces. The finish on the studs always matches the finish on the buckle hardware, lock, and keys in order to resist tarnishing. Even with heavy duty use, the studs should maintain their fresh appearance and resist major scuffing.

Lock and KeysOne of the signature pieces of hardware on Kelly bags is the lock and keys. There are numerous subtle details on both the lock and keys to help you distinguish authentic Kellys from high quality fakes. The keys for the bag come enclosed in a leather lanyard known as a clochette which is carried by looping it through the handle of the bag.

There are also many amazing materials that the Hermes Kelly is available in such as,
 Leather type Description
Clemence Comes from baby bull, scratch resistant and looks grainy, flat and matted
Epsom Extremely light and scratch resistant, and very easy to clean
Varanus Lizard leather, in high demand due to fact it can dry out and available in matte and lisse
Fjord Adult leather with soft texture, heavier and water resistant
Swift Very soft leather with extremely fine grains, suited for bright colours
Togo Baby calf leather, soft pebbled finish and scratch resistant
Ostrich Ostrich leather is distinguishable due to the pores on the surface
Alligator Can come in either matte, with a smooth plain look or lisse which is shinier
Crocodile Niloticus  Comes from crocodiles in the region of Africa's Nile River, near the country of Zimbabwe
Berenia Natural Old type, from calf and originally for Hermes saddles
Buffalo Skipper Rare leather made from water buffalo, very soft and has grained appearance
Box Calf Oldest type of leather available, used in first productions of Kelly bags and extremely smooth to the touch and slightly shiny finish
Chevre de Coromandel Goat leather, lightweight and scratch resistant with smooth finish
Doblis Suede Suede leather made with a napped finish and very smooth make


The record for most expensive Hermès Kelly Bag is held by the Rose Gold Crocodile Hermès Kelly, which costs $2,000,000. Part of a collaboration with shoe designer and jeweler Pierre Hardy, Hermes released this bag made out of solid rose gold dotted with a total of 1160 diamonds. 
Hermès Tiny Kelly Mykonos Special Order Limited Edition - As a special order and limited edition bag, there is no other handbag in the world like this one. 
Hermès Idole Kelly Black Gulliver Bag - This bag is so special because it was made in very small quantities, making it incredibly rare.
Being the stylish piece that it is, is also seen on the arms of many celebrities. Below are photos of them pairing their Kelly dressed up and dressed down.
What are you waiting for? Channel your inner royal/ fashionista and get your hands on the coveted Hermès Kelly too!
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