Glamvel in Autumn 2018 Edition

Glamvel in Autumn 2018 Edition

NEWS ALERT! October is coming , which means traveling is a must because it is the most comfortable season to hop around. Most of the time, we would choose comfort over classy, because traveling is not easy. Well, now you can totally glam up while strolling around a foreign land with these looks inspired from this year’s autumn trends! 

Autumn is not just about chilling and pastel colored coats , this year turned autumn into an early turn up party . Hit it up a notch with these looks and walk the street like you’re a native. Not a tourist.

This year, the print craze is back with cooler color combinations and obvious animal magic. How do you get the look? Pair your favorite bomber jacket underneath that poppin’ print coat for a boost of confidence. Get yourself some leather shorts to accentuate the look and pair it with knee length boots. To top it off, you can either wear a shoulder sling bag or a tote bag. Even if you’re just a tourist, you should never look like one. Plus, you’d need a lot of color and boldness for all that insta updates, hit it up with a subtle background for your picture and wait for those likes and comments ringing! 

Know this: Brown became the new classic. You might want to change your suitcase to a bigger one because you will need a lot of brown hues for this autumn getaway. Give yourself a model look inspired by the Jacquemus 2018 Fall ready-to-wear collection and for a simple casual day out in the city, flaunt your curves with a brown body-con dress. Pair it with your favorite oxford shoes or heels. You’re a champ if you bring heels in your suitcase! Long earrings give a little boost to the look if you’re feeling like going the extra mile. End it with a shoulder sling bag like this one from Glampot! Remember to bring an extra coat cause it does get a little chilly in certain countries.

Think you’ve got what it takes to pull of a layered look? Think again because, YOU DO. Huge fashion brands came out with their own line and style of layered clothes and many of them like Chanel, Balenciaga and Prada used a lot of textures to accentuate the look. Being a traveler , you would want to stay up-to-date with the trend and it is so simple. Layering literally means layer, suit yourself up with a simple long sleeve shirt on the inside and top it off with a printed cardigan of your choice. Add a little more style with a neck scarf and a shoulder bag of your choice and you're ready to slay!

Do you trust when i say autumn is kind of like the new summer? Because you better do! This year’s famous trends includes being vulnerable with your look. For instance, stop categorizing autumn being a soft season, surprise everyone with a grunch and a little more violent look like the one below. Holographic are totally in right now. So, grab a blue sheer holographic t-shirt and pair it with a lacy or sexy bralette underneath it. Black skinny jeans or shorts would fit just perfect with the two. Bring together your outfit with thick wedged boots and your favorite travel companion bag like this one , you can get it at Glampot! Lastly, like a cherry on top of a cake is a cute felt hat in case the wind blows towards you.

Do you guys wanna know what’s partially the most exciting thing when traveling? BEING ABLE TO WEAR FUR AND MINK COATS. The fact that if you come from Asia or more specifically Malaysia or Singapore, you would never be able to wear fur coats because of the weather. When traveling to countries with lower degree temperature, fur coats are compulsory and make sure its fashionable. Pack your brand new furry jacket or coat and pair it with a silk pajama like shirt underneath to make it look more New Yorky. Pants with print or subtle patterns would look amazing with it. Bring your most loved sneakers and bring it up a notch with a bag of a little more bold color.

Bring the 1960s back! This year is all about bringing the past to now. That Madonna hairdo,tucked-in sweater and the big leather belt is almost evergreen as ever. This is the time for you to live out your inner superstar! Fluffy wool crop sweaters are cute and warm as well as they provide the best comfort ever. Makes everyone wants to snuggle you right? Wear a short collared top inside to give it more of a casual vibe to the look. Destroyed jeans were the pop look back then and even now, it adds a little rock and roll feel to it. Grab your printed sneakers to and end it with a small leather belt to color combo. Sling on a small shoulder bag and voila! You are ready to rock the streets in style.


It’s so easy to travel and be stylish at the same time, you just have to find out what’s best for you and what your preferences are. Autumn is a great season for holidays and checking out what’s new in the fashion world, so pack your bags and prep your day to day outfits with these looks! Have a great autumn and remember that the next time you shop, make sure it’s Glampot! 


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